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‘Walk the Cooee Way’ award is an invitation to and a celebration of living our Cooee values…

Living our Cooee value of authenticity is about staying true to our own values and purpose especially when it’s hardest. It’s about checking-in to see that our own values and purpose align with that of Cooee’s and if not, putting in the work to find that place of alignment.

Living our Cooee value of empathy is about investing in relationships where trust is given rather than earned, where listening leans on curiosity rather than on judgment so that we may discover and appreciate the person we are and the person we can be.

Living our Cooee value of believing in potential is about the practice of healthy striving with the understanding that perfection does not exist.

In Cooee Inc., we always make it a point to go back to our Why – to have the opportunity to be a part of another’s transformation – one person, one community, one business at a time. It is equally important to ask, How do we do what we do in Cooee. The answer? We strive to anchor how we think, speak and behave to our Values of Be Authentic, Be Empathetic and Believe in Potential.

While each of us commit to more deeply embed our values within ourselves, we look and turn to others for inspiration in doing so. One way to express our appreciation and gratitude to others for intentionally living our values is to share the impact they have made to everyone in Cooee.

Walk the Cooee Way is a quarterly recognition programme which opens an opportunity for each of us to recognize others who have contributed to our purpose and to practice “Love and Spirituality” by creating meaning and purpose for oneself through the expression of gratitude and appreciation of others.

Walk the Cooee Way Narratives 2021


🏆 Champion

“By believing in potential, Dimple shared with me how she focused on improving the way she schedules her days. She made changes so that she is more consistent in starting work on time. She also worked to improve her focus on her tasks by minimizing distractions, focusing on similar tasks before moving onto another and also, spending time to prioritize at the beginning of her day. It was hard for her to apply these changes because it meant changing her way of doing things. I can see that she continues to improve the way she approaches her work and her lifestyle so she can be her best at work.

By being empathetic, I can see the way Dimple values the people she works with. She told me that keeping her network alive also helped her to grow this year. Knowing she is not alone and is part of a team helps her to stay on track. She explained that by attending huddles, sharing updates and also sending personal messages with colleagues she is able to keep the team spirit alive.

When it comes to dealing with escalations/ issues/ complaints, Dimple taught me to reach out to the person involved within the team and try to understand what happened or try to be on the same page. She said that being on the same page helps us to think clearly and come up with a solution and think of the best ways we can do to minimize issues.

By being autentic,I asked Dimple how she handles pressure especially when she is tired because she has had no backup for so long. She said that most of the time she works late and If she feels unwell and had to take a sick leave she has no choice but to continue exactly what she left before getting sick. To help her stay focused instead of panicking when there is so much work and she is sick, she told me she informs her family about her work schedule, she plays relaxing music, she takes a short break when she feels overwhelmed and being mindful helps her too.”



🏆 1st Runner Up

“By being authentic, he speaks up his opinions honestly. He is always focus at work and consistent on his daily routines.

By being empathetic, he thinks about other’s wellbeing. He acts as a big brother to the team when one needs to open up something or when someone needs emotional or people support especially during Cooee Connects.

By believing in potential, when he received an invite to the COBH program, he showed interest by sparking questions rather than hesitation. When he was given an office task, he politely accepted as he feels he can explore other space beyond his role.?



🏆 3rd Runner Up

“Kenneth has been very keen and sharp about his contributions to Cooee. He has been prompt and timely in terms of attending to and addressing any IT issue that anyone would encounter and raise. While he closely monitors issues, he is not the type who will drop the ball in terms of his other deliverables such as documentation, vendor lead generation, IT trends research and training. He finds the right balance to manage his deliverables as well as the expectations of each of his stakeholders.

Kenneth inspires confidence from the different teams by being consistent and timely with the support provided when needed. He recognizes the urgency of addressing downtime for instance as soon as possible and as quickly as possible in order not to disrupt production. At the same time, he creates a sense of trust from the rest of his stakeholders by ensuring that other critical deliverables in the IT space are taken care of. He provides a circle of safety for Cooee by keeping its systems up and running.”


This April, another recognition is underway. Meet the Walk the Cooee Way Quarter 1 of 2022 champion in our next edition.

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