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Become: Spotted on Strength

The Conversation on Being Human (COBH) program has greatly reminded us to always become mindful through our daily routines and with our conversation with others.

To exercise my focus, I have built a few habits over time and those include – prayer and thanksgiving to start the day and sometimes, wrapping it up with words of appreciation to our colleagues by sharing narratives of the people we want to thank for on that day or that week in the “Spotted on Strength (SOS)” space.

 I am sharing this commitment to others in the hope that everyone will also ‘feel good’ the way that I do every time we share these kind words to our dear colleagues. This space is a great venue to show our gratitude, love, and kindness to whomever and wherever.

Charisse Pacres –
April 2022, Most Number of Strengths Spotted

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