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Before the pandemic I was a person who is afraid of committing mistakes, afraid of trying new tasks and things on my own, afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m dependent to Ms. JP who‘s my go-to-person whenever I have questions and needs help. But after 8 months of working from home, I left with no choice but to work mostly by myself since Ms. JP needed to focus on her new role and to guide and assist our other teammates.

Working from home is not easy and gave me struggles and challenges. There was a time that I was thinking of quitting because of the anxiety brought about by this pandemic. Sleepless nights were there because of overthinking that I may not efficiently be doing my role. Until I thought of quitting is not the answer to my current struggles. I stopped overthinking and stopped asking “Whys” and “What ifs” instead I start looking for “What is”. Solutions rather than thinking of mistakes that I would be committing. That was the point I started working on the solutions that will give long term solution. I dropped all the negative thinking and start to focus on trying things that I have not done before on my own and understanding deeply my tasks and role. “If you do not know it, it does not mean you cannot do it”.

“If you do not know it,
it does not mean you cannot do it.”


Being less supervised and having minimal guidance from Ms. JP helped me believed in my own potential that led me to be the better version of myself now. I also believed during those times, I was also a help to her since she had time to be more focused and guided my other teammates.

Experiencing the 8-month WFH set up, I can say that I am a person now who is more independent and confident to perform my role. I am also ready to accept more challenges and be of help to others. Self-initiative to help yourself is the very first step towards winning over your struggles and challenges and to be the better version of yourself.