Uncertainty has just been thrust upon us by this pandemic. 

In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves on the edge of our comfort zones.

What did you discover about yourself in this space?

How did you choose to show-up and be for yourself and others in these moments?

These are the stories that weave Cooee’s narrative in 2020…


Before I can say that I am not independent person. I’m always asking for help and assistance to others. I’m scared to try new things because I’m thinking I can’t do that. I am just contented on what I have and I don’t want to explore things.

During the pandemic, I discovered that there’s a lot of things I can do by myself.  I had only been trained 2 weeks when we went into lockdown and I had to work from home. It is really hard for me because I am not that good and confident to do my role yet. I am so thankful that our client trusted us despite of this pandemic.  But STRUGGLE IS REAL. This pandemic and overload work is very stressful.  

Then I was invited to try Mindfulness here in Cooee. It helped me to be calm. I learned how to handle my emotions, how to react. And as times goes by, this pandemic situation makes me stronger. I set aside fears and doubt and started learning and studying each of my task.

Pandemic is not yet done, but now I can say that I am stronger than ever!!!! There are still challenges and struggles but I can handle it better now. This pandemic helps me to believe in myself more. From STRESS to STRESS with a heart.

During the pandemic I realized how grateful I am to be with the company that cares about their employees, COOEE never let us down! They are giving us the support we need in all aspects.  They are initiating different training sessions that taught me how to respond in every situation which is really a big help especially while we are working remotely.  COOEE serves as our main source of income, especially I have a family member that needs a continuous support of medicines.

Beyond that, it was during the pandemic that I discovered that I can be more and I can do more, I could be of help despite of the pandemic through listening and having conversations with the people that needs help. I am stronger, vulnerable, and more than willing to help others. I know I can overcome all trials and hindrances with the help of my family, friends, co workers and most especially our good Lord.

MEIKO “The Puff of Wind”

JOANNE “The Tenacious”

Before the pandemic I was a person who is afraid of committing mistakes, afraid of trying new tasks and things on my own, afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m dependent to Ms. JP whenever I have questions and needs help.]

Working from home is not easy and gave me struggles and challenges. Sleepless nights were there because of overthinking that I may not efficiently be doing my role. Until I thought of quitting is not the answer to my current struggles. I dropped all the negative thinking and start to focus on solutions rather than mistakes.  I focus on trying things that I have not done before. “If you do not know it, it does not mean you cannot do it,” This thought helped me believe in my own potential.

Now, I can say that I am a person who is more independent and confident to perform my role. I am also ready to accept more challenges and be of help to others. Self-initiative to help yourself is the very first step towards winning over your struggles and challenges so you can be the better version of yourself.

16th of March. We were locked in our little space with nowhere to go. News of people getting fired or that their companies closed. I had a few questions in mind.  Soon enough, I found my way back into my office table. Transportation was once a struggle then it became the “new normal.” Until later after celebrating my birthday, I heard the breaking news about my whole family diagnosed with the virus and were all sent to the facility. It was the most heart shattering moment in my pandemic life, but I knew it was only for a moment, it had to be.

With all the personal, social, and work-related uncertainties coming along, it was really a test of being at your optimal and mindful self. I have learned ways to handle things effectively – be it at work, eating, reading, drinking coffee, watching a movie, or playing a kalimba.

Through our Cooee COBH journey, I was introduced to my other self whenever I am at “The PEAK”. The coaching conversations and mindfulness exercises really played a big role in this pandemic period. Whenever I caught myself anxious and feeling problematic, the idea of just pausing and breathing slowly became automatic. Beyond my struggles and fears, I begin to appreciate each trail and how it connects me to myself and others. My knowledge and skills were stretched because I needed to do new tasks and roles.  The journey has helped me, in a way, to cope up with social, mental, and emotional pressures. It has given me the time to exercise confidence, mindfulness and engage in a healthy conversation.

Our calendar routine may have changed but our commitment, belief in self and passion remains the same.
This pandemic may have separated us physically but never our connection and spirit with one another. Amidst all the things that happened, I believed I am mentally and emotionally resilient than ever before.

CHA “The Peak”