Spotted on Strength


In our journey to deepening our footprint in this industry, it has been an aspiration to design a website that encapsulates who we are and what we believe in. With a mission to share Cooee’s story through our website’s design, visuals and content, our creative team remained steadfast in their commitment to making this mission a reality.

In designing the website, our creative team was guided by Cooee’s minimalist way.  They chose the more modern pastel color pallet to reflect this idea of minimalism.  From here, they looked to curate an effortless user experience by organizing the website’s content to highlight Cooee’s culture through values, people, practices and tools.    

In their own words, “this project brought an entire mix of resourcefulness, innovation, and confidence to turn Cooee’s story into a tangible website that we see today. We were able to expedite our timeline with the help of several key people who contributed to this. We are deeply grateful.”

Having taken this opportunity to refresh and re-energize, we hope to be better placed to connect and start conversations one person, one community, one business at a time…

We invite you to explore here.


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