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Offshore Business Processing

Offshore Business Processing

We worked in the BPO sector for years. We developed robust frameworks and set-up infrastructure. We built teams and nurtured talent. Through offshoring, we helped businesses achieve their goals. This belief in the value that partnerships bring, by connecting people and businesses under a common purpose, is why we ventured into offshoring. Our vision is one that takes your business a step closer to your vision, a place where you can redefine what it is you do and how you do it. It’s a place where, with Cooee Inc. as your trusted partner, your business significantly lowers cost, you become more agile and your people spend more time in the value-add space.

Offshore Business Consulting

Offshore Business Consulting

As we continue to build Partnerships, we have seen increased opportunity to streamline and optimize processes and functions for small to medium sized businesses. Our commitment to delivering these improvements, backed by high quality documentation and training is why we launched ‘Offshore Business Consulting’. Beyond just the cost benefit, you will be engaging with a team that live and breathe continuous improvement. From task mapping to workflows, from automation right down to entry level excel training.

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