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Offshore Business Partnering

Offshore Business Partnering

We worked in the BPO sector for years. We developed robust frameworks and set-up infrastructure. We built teams and nurtured talent. Through offshoring, we helped businesses achieve their goals. This belief in the value that partnerships bring, by connecting people and businesses under a common purpose, is why we ventured into offshoring.

Our vision is one that takes your business a step closer to your vision, a place where you can redefine what it is you do and how you do it. It’s a place where, with Cooee Inc. as your trusted partner, your business significantly lowers cost, you become more agile and your people spend more time in the value-add space.

Brain-based Coaching and Facilitating

Brain-based Coaching and Facilitating

“There is no other greater, more beautiful, more real future for the world than one which passes along the path that leads you to the person you are supposed to be…” – E. Faber

For team leaders, managers or anyone looking to elevate the quality of their conversations, our coaching programmes will guide you to that path, through the lens of neuroscience.

Join Cooee

Join Cooee

Because you believe in the power of human connection.
Because you are committed to flourishing human potential.
Because you dream of a world where each one of us walks along the path to who we are and who we are supposed to be.
Because you believe in what we believe in.

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