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About Us

is a long, loud, two-note, high-pitched call adopted by the first Europeans from the Australian Aborigines. According to the Australian Geographic, it comes from the Dharug word ‘gu-wī’ which means ‘come here’ but the Europeans noted that the Dharug used it as a shrill call to communicate over long distances. It is distinctly Australian. If you shout out a ‘coo-ee’ at a sporting event anywhere in the world, you’re likely to get at least one reply.



“To uncover what moves people” is the seed that started my journey as Coach and Facilitator. As a Manager, this yearning allowed me to reshape my leadership in a way that fulfilled my sense of purpose. It is this same yearning that I strive to spark in other leaders.
– Pia

I’ve been in the Philippines for 10 years. From the moment I arrived I fell in love with this country and I promised myself I would give back. Through a music programme I created, called ‘Rock-Ed’, I was able to reshape my purpose…which has ultimately led me to Cooee and the work we are doing today.
– Kris



We believe human connection fuels the world; that our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and shelter. We are anchored on a commitment to flourish human potential through awareness, empathy and a growth mindset. This is the tie that binds us.

Operations and Finance

Operation and Finance

The Operations and Finance teams are responsible for day to day logistics activities.

End to end process from receiving, processing, billing and delivering are all provided in coordination with the client for a seamless business operation.



The research team is responsible for sourcing relevant information required for marketing in the commercial space.

Lead generation techniques are applied to ensure quality and accuracy in data delivery and is presented to the client for collaborative strategies.

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