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  • We finally tied the knot!
  • We finally tied the knot!
  • We finally tied the knot!
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cooee inc.

Making every conversation count.

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is a long, loud, two-note, high-pitched call adopted by the first Europeans from the Australian Aborigines. According to the Australian Geographic, it comes from the Dharug word ‘gu-wī’ which means ‘come here’ but the Europeans noted that the Dharug used it as a shrill call to communicate over long distances. It is distinctly Australian. If you shout out a ‘coo-ee’ at a sporting event anywhere in the world, you’re likely to get at least one reply.

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To have the opportunity to be a part of another’s transformation – one person, one community, one business at at time – this is what drives us every single day. This is why we do what we do.

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